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Hey guys! It's been a while. I have some news.

This project, Five Pillars is going to be on hold for a while. Perhaps indefinitely. HOWEVER. It is not quite as bad as it seems. You see, I was really struggling with some of the finer parts of the story, and, I've come to the conclusion that the best way to tell this story is through the vehicle of another story (I promise, it's for the best).

That story/comic/graphic novel is called Silk Road, and can be read at

You might recognize some of the characters, and, in some ways, the bones are similar, I just needed to tell the story differently.

Go read Silk Road! It's only a baby webcomic now, but, it will grow. I've promised myself that I won't start over again, since I'm finally happy with the story I'm telling.

Thank you for all of your patience, and, I apologize, but, it will be worth it!

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Brb, out of the country!

Uh! Hey all. Sorry for the slow updates recently- it relates to what's going on!
I'm doing a study abroad for a month or so! I won't have access to a tablet or a photoshop-like program while away, so I'm afraid that means no pages until I'm back!

I will still be doing work on Five Pillars. Research! Planning! Scripting! Thumbnailing! Things that take up time behind the scenes. Which means pages should flow more smoothly once I'm back.

See you in a month, guys! Sorry for the delay & thanks for the patience. :)

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Pages coming soon!

Hey guys! I am super excited!
I'm going to be rebooting Five Pillars very, very soon. I'm slightly less busy this semester, so this means that I have a little more free time for comics! Exciting!

You may see some changes happening around the site, too.

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