About the world of Five Pillars

East; The oldest cites of human civilization lie here. A continent rich in natural resources, much of the worlds exports come from here. Despite rich natural resources, at least 2/3 of the population lives in relative poverty, living outside of the great wall. Those within the great wall flourish, but those without are taxed heavily by local governors.

West; A stretch of dry grassland and a mountain range have limited the communication this continent has had with the others. Some successful trade routes have been established between the North and West, but have not been maintained in decades. Because of limited exploration, the West has been rumored to house the funeral piers of forgotten gods.

South; It is rumored that the gods rose from the desert before the age of humans, stealing away this land's natural resources with their spiritual power. The south is very dry, with few sources of water, and very limited rainfall. The rainwater is blocked from the east and west by the two mountain ranges, the far north and far south of this continent are the only places inhabited.

North; Once a booming empire, because of overuse of natural resources and encroaching cold weather, the North has declined into near-ruin. Despite this, the north has one of the densest populations in the world. Many people have tried to smuggle themselves and their families to the east in hopes of a better lifestyle, but few have succeeded.

Spirit World; The realm of the gods, as vast as the world itself. No human has ever entered and returned alive, so little is known.

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